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Shiseido The Makeup

If you are looking for the perfect foundation, look no further.  This is it.

I’m a HUGE cosmetics fan.  I’ve been wearing makeup ever since grade school.  I love it.  I love makeup’s ability to enhance, transform, cover, and beautify.

I have oily skin.  Extremely oily skin that usually looks like a greaseball within an hour or two of washing my face.  Makeup usually either makes this problem worse or it just rubs right off like oil and water.  I had never found anything to last more than a few hours without me having to reapply.

Until I found Shiseido.  I had heard about it via product reviews on Sephora and also via various fashion magazines.  I certainly wouldn’t have found it had I not looked.  I still don’t technically own my own bottle of it…but I did get a generous sample from Macys that I have been saving for special occasions.  I’ve applied it at least 5 different occasions, all with a foundation brush.

Freshly applied, with full makeup

In natural light after a few hours, minimal makeup

After 6 hours…minimal makeup, no flash

Same day and time, with flash

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