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November 26, 2010

Did any of you go Black Friday shopping??

I did not.  I thought about joining my aunts, but

A) It was my first whole day at my home office of my new job and I knew it would be full of training and I do not function well on zero sleep either professionally or personally–I don’t want to be the ditzy girl or the bitchy one right off the bat

B) There is nothing I need or want bad enough to deal with going out in below freezing weather and frenzied mobs of people bumping into me  (even though I stupidly bought a paper yesterday just to drool over all the ads…)


C) I didn’t want to rush them.  I had to be at work by 9, in a totally opposite direction of where they were going shopping so we would have had to be home by 8 and that’s no fun for anyone. 

So this girl stayed home and slept in til 6.  Did you hit the sales today?  Find any good deals?

I did end up hitting up Walmart before work, around 8am, and it was a ghost town in there!!  About 20 registers with no lines!  Score!  I didn’t go for any big-ticket items, just a couple sweaters because my cold-weather business wardrobe is seriously non-existent!  Gotta build it up slowly and these sweaters look seriously cute. 

Today was a totally awesome day at work.  I think I spent a good chunk of my day buying wrapping paper and wrapping presents for a display we have in the lobby.  Love my new job!  Now I’m looking forward to Pete getting home and us having a little alone time tonight–now that we are on opposite schedules, we never see each other and I am long overdue for a good back rub.  Nice low-key night and hopefully a movie.  If you have kids you can appreciate how nice it is to not only pick the movie, but also to watch it without interruptions.  If you don’t, then get your fill of movie-watchin’ while you can.  Movies at home are never the same again! 

Have a good weekend 🙂

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  1. Kathi permalink
    November 26, 2010 10:45 pm

    So….we totally could have been home in time for you to get to work this morning but completely understand the whole “no sleep” thing 🙂 Don’t ever go to Target unless you REALLY need something…it was a mad house. We walked the whole thing and decided that the line that was basically wrapped around the store was not worth the $10 toy 🙂 Walmart in Btown was not bad…I think the sale starting at midnight helped there…Gordeman’s CRAZY as well…we went in to use the restroom, that’s it 🙂 OH MY! Kohl’s!!!! right up there with Target but we went for one thing and we were out within 30 min. In all it was a good time. Maybe next year you can join us 🙂 Glad you had a good day at work!

    • November 27, 2010 9:02 am

      If I ever go BF shopping, I am not gonna come home early unless I have everything done, lol. We went to Walmart in Peru Wednesday night around 7pm and people there were already waiting by the tvs with their shopping carts! But Washington was all cleared out by the time I got there. I remember going to Bloomington with my mom a few years ago and how crazy it was! I remember standing in line at Target and Kohls forever!

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