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Lazy Day

October 27, 2010

Ever have those days where you don’t need to be anywhere and you just kind of lounge around in your pjs all day?

Today was that day.  Me and the kids stayed in our pjs and didn’t get a whole lot accomplished.  Well, I did manage to switch auto insurance companies and save nearly half every month, (and it wasn’t with Geico!) so all in all, today was successful 🙂

I have been craving some fall comfort food and eating a bit of it every day this week.  Pete and I had been talking about chili for about a month, and I finally broke down and started researching recipes.  In high school, the little diner I worked at had phenomenal chili.  I never did catch the recipe but I did remember her putting cream of mushroom soup in it, and I’ve always been a fan of Steak N Shake Chili, so I decided to merge the two ideas together and I ended up with a truly fabulous result.

I didn’t want to use the canned cream of mushroom soup but I was able to find a cleaned-up version here thanks to Tiffany of The Gracious Pantry.  I adapted the recipe slightly based on the ingredients I had.  This is what I ended up with.  It was delicious!

My son requested a “shake-up” for supper–his way of saying he wanted a smoothie.  I happily blended up spinach, a frozen banana, rice milk, and some frozen mixed berries for he and his sister.  I love it when they enjoy healthy foods vs the typical toddler fare of convenience foods.

I had a bunch of leftover smoothie in the blender and I hate to waste food.  It isn’t very good in the refridgerator and it wouldn’t freeze too well in a cup, but I remember picking up some popsicle molds from Bed, Bath, and Beyond a few months ago and I poured the leftovers into 3 of them.

I wasn’t in the mood for something cold so I had a grilled chicken breast with honey mustard and roasted veggies I had already sliced yesterday and put in the fridge for easy use.

The kids have been asking me for some cookies for a loooong time and to be honest, chocolate chip cookies sounded pretty darn good.  So I adapted yet another recipe from The Gracious Pantry.  I swapped the almonds for walnuts (the only nuts I have right now) and I used 1 packet of stevia in the raw instead of honey or agave, and omitted the cinnamon.  What I got were 6 cute little cookies, totally devoid of the yummy  sinful baking trifecta of butter, sugar, and white flour.  I may add nuts and chocolate chips to my hot oatmeal next time!

 So I was able to fulfill 3 of my fall cravings today, without doing any major damage to my waistline 😉

Speaking of, I was only able to get in 40 minutes of my 60 minute p90x arms and shoulder workout done and I need to finish the rest, along with the ab ripper workout!  It can be really difficult to fit in an hour-long workout session during the day when you have young children, but I just have to be flexible and fit it in the best I can!!  Does anyone else struggle with finding the time to squeeze in their workouts? 

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  1. October 27, 2010 8:12 pm

    Hey Tangy,

    Thanks for trying my recipe! I wonder, do you ever get an aftertaste from the stevia? I’ve never liked it for that reason. Am I the only oddball that gets that aftertaste?

    Tiffany @ The Gracious Pantry

    • October 27, 2010 8:24 pm

      I did have a hard time getting used to it!! I started using it in my coffee in place of agave and it’s been about a month, and I guess I have just adapted!! I have noticed a big difference in the way my clothes fit when I am eating sugar vs when I am not, so I guess the taste is worth it!

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